High bun hairstyle.

A relaxed and modest nature of a hairstyle that helps to balance a look with dressy or very vibrant attire. The bun throws extra emphasis on the face and allows for plenty of different clothing and makeup options because it keeps the hair under control and off the face. I love it simply because it's simple, chic and very easy to recreate. This style is perfect for keeping long hair up and off the neck, too.
 What's not to love about it?
If you want to try a similar look, keep reading to find out how to get the look in hardly any time.

You will need the following:
  • Bristle brush 
  •      Hair elastic/tie/band
  •     Strong-hold hairspray /volumizing Spray
  •     Fine-tooth comb
  •      Bobby pins
  •       An insert

1.     Brush your hair through to remove any knots before you start then spray it all with Strong-hold hairspray and brush it again.
This will give the hair a whole lot of hold for the following steps.

2.     Gather all of your hair back into a high pony and secure with a hair tie.

3.     Pull the pony through the middle of the hair insert then do some minimal teasing to build extra volume. Don't go too wild as you still need to be able to shape the hair.

4.     Arrange the hair around the insert and pin. For my case I arranged the hair and afterwards rolled it around.

5.     Spray the hair all over to finish, smoothing down any unwanted flyaways with the palm of your hand.

6.     If you would prefer not to use a hair insert, you can just back-comb the pony for longer before winding it into the bun instead.

# Hair inserts, you can get them in most beauty shops/hair shops including Best lady and Beauty options etc (if in Nairobi) just choose one in relation to your hair color and texture.
On my lips ,one of my favorite lipsticks ,(Sonya lipsticks)Wine berry 126- Forever Living Products. I'll do a review on some soon.
Happy styling. Love and love...xoxo Ruth.


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    1. Thank you dear...Glad you like it.Keep in touch.

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