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FeSSShoe Amazing Shoes Collection

Party Metallic Pointed Toe Sexy Pumps 2/3/4 inches HeelShoes Shoes, I remember my Sister complaining saying that I spend all my money on shoes, and my excuse every time would be, I’m short and this is how, I measure up to tall people. It was just an excuse for me getting every pair I loved  whether I needed it or not. This was simply an answer I had created in my mind because in realI’m 5'7 so I would not even fall in the category I stated, but it worked every time. Quality shoes are so important that over time I have learnt the art of being patient and investing in a good quality pair. Quality over quantity right? A good pair in my description will be one that is comfortable and lets my feet explore, without agony as well as one that serves me for a long time.As we grow, explore and learn we love the art of choosing the right pair that is equally functional, stylish and brings joy in our lives. On today’s post I’m collaborating with FeSSShoe to bring you some of the most unique, s…
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Hello beautiful people, I trust you are well wherever you are.Today I’m so excited to partner and introduce you to these amazing and stylish bohemian earrings with Dazzel Luna. This classy website for Bohemian earring features amazing pieces from hand-woven rattan, tassel, drop, and feathers style to more fashionable elements suitable for paring the bikini, going to the beach, office, parties, going out,travel ,weddings and many more occasions that need glitz and glamour. Their latest collection and newest bohemian earrings right now are so gorgeous. Feeling the vibe and ready to turn heads? Get over to their website and grab a few pairs to style your looks. I'm also sharing with you some of my favourite picks on my wish-list.
Wooden Beaded Tassel Drop Earrings Bohemia Statement EarringWooden Beaded Tassel Drop Earrings Bohemia Statement Earring


Hello there wonderful readers! Today I'm sharing with you some tips on wigs.

Why do you choose a wig to wear?
There are many reasons, for example, whether you want to protect your natural virgin hair from heat damage, you have experienced hair loss, or you simply want to change your look, wigs are a versatile and functional fashion accessory. Whether you are wearing a wig because of hair loss or you simply want to have fun with a new hairstyle, learn techniques for putting on and styling your wig. A well-styled and proper fitting wig looks so natural that no one will guess that it is not your real hair.

Make a haircut
A lot of wigs seem unnatural because they just look too perfect and too heavy. New wigs can look bulky and thick around the crown and sides, if so, it is recommended that it is thinned out before use, so take some scissors and cut some random strands of hair toward the front of your wig.

Get rid of the shiny wig
While we aspire for the shiny hair, wigs can be a bit to…


Are you currently happy with your hair?
If No, then, why don't you explore a  plan to Buy Mink Body Wave Extensions. However, if you are wondering how to  utilise it in varied ways then relax, in this particular publish, we'll explain some awesome extension use.

Volumizing hair do:- If you want to include extra volume and the entire body for the hair then you're ready to clip-on Hair Bundle Handles Closure. These extensions not just add dimensions for the hair but furthermore permit you to try out your hair. Like now you can easily make ponytails or untidy bun without any worry. Besides, handful of strands are sufficient to offer you the look you desires. If you are proud and the master of decent hair then a couple of clip in extensions are sufficient to produce your thing.

Prepare extended and extended braid: - Every lady always wants extended and thick hair to ensure that whenever she makes braid her look, looks perfect. In such situations, hair extensions can be a commen…


Hello, Lovely readers! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy, physically, emotionally and
mentally, wherever you are. Are you like me and just love doing shopping online? If you are, today is your lucky day. These lovely dresses will be a nice change of pace from pajamas once the pandemic and stay at home advisory is over. Today's post is in collaboration with KIS one great website that will definitely catch your attention especially if you want to always stay ahead of trends and enjoy high quality items and comfortable material for your clothes.  KIS  is the website for you to consider shopping, enjoy stylish designs, fine tailoring processes and new merchandise for sale at wholesale prices. Today, I'm also sharing my top picks from the website, starting with the gorgeous  vintage white dress  .


How are you? We are already on the 7th day of March, 2020 and I’m hoping you have already swung back with a feeling of renewed sense of energy that a new month can bring no matter what the year has handed you so far. While I don’t have all the answers, actually no one has, I do know this; it is OK to dedicate time for yourself to feel healthy, empowered and motivated. Ultimately if you take care of yourself it will not only make you a better person, but also, make you shine from the inside out. I’m here to remind you all (and myself) that it’s our duty to shine our brightest.


Hello beautiful people, I hope you are doing well. Today I’m partnering with FeelinGirl to introduce their website that provides stylish and latest fashion shapewear for women that includes waist trainers, vest and tank tops, shorts and panties, leggings and bodysuits. Shapewears are used by many women to make the figure full of curves and charm as well as make one more confident and attractive especially when styling figure hugging outfits. These are unique pieces that can transform an outfit and make one look more elegant, trendy, figure fitting and sexy. On today’s post we look at a few of the most common reasons on how to utilize shapewear.