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Hello there,

I hope you are doing well and feel yourself moving closer and closer to the truest, highest version of yourself.

As a leader and as someone yearning to become a better leader, effective leadership results from knowing what to do,and when to do it.

To most people including me,challenges represent hitches to achieving success and we certainly come across these challenges every day. However these challenges are not supposed to reduce our effective behaviors,or limit our ability to maximize our effectiveness as leaders ,either in a job environment, personal growth, or our sanity as human beings.
Here are some things that I’m glad I have learnt over time in my journey.



Over the last couple of weeks I have really been keen on how I manage my time, and at the same time using all tricks to eliminate negative energy in my life. For one to succeed , everything starts from being disciplined and consistent in mind as well as in actions .In whatever project I’m working on, I continue to challenge myself more and even better, getting out of my comfort zone , doing more activities that I love and at the same time tackling more challenging tasks that scares me and improves me in the end.


It’s ok to say NO. It’s so easy in a society like ours to just say yes too much, to the extent that you end up over-obligating yourself. Then it takes all your energy and time to back out of it. Don’t say yes too quickly. It’s better to think for a moment and say, “I don’t know if I can make it, but I’ll give you a call later if its OK.” It’s nicer to say something like that, than to back out later. Being too eager to please everyone can be dangerous. You need to appreciate yourself, your time, and your limits altogether. Appreciate your special time alone too and with those you love and those who love you.


Sometimes we fail because we major in minor things too much, carrying and cultivating negative energy,for example thinking, the weather is bad, my job is stressful, the government is not doing, why did it rain this morning, the food is bad, literally nothing goes right.
 Let me ask this question, How do you feel when you always have to deal with such individuals who most of the time everything to them is broken nothing seems right according to them?
I bet you end up feeling 10 times demotivated than you were before right? I have really learnt and want to keep going to be diligent in how and where I invest my energy, effort and time. After all, if you are chasing menial or pre-emptive issues that are occurring on a daily basis pulling you and your zeal behind then , who is focusing on the growth and strategic objectives for success ?


Little accomplishments are just as important as big achievements. Success is the constant process of working toward your goals, little success day by day will produce big results.
One’s success should be a pleasure. I’m slowly embracing a routine where I wake up, I recognize and appreciating what I’ve learnt, what I have acquired, what I’ve done and whom I’ve become. I have learnt that all these simple things are important components in fueling my future achievements. Just knowing that I finished all I started and set out to do that day is encouraging and fulfilling. It’s these little daily gains that continue to fuel my achievements. Anything is possible in those hours given each day ,so make it count.


In the last days I have been eager to find the best in people I surround myself with, and I have also learned to be eager to please myself and my family more. Don’t be always zealous to please everybody else; learn to appreciate your own limits. You don’t have to fill up every second of the day, take time to appreciate what you’ve accomplished and to enjoy the fruits of your work.

Doing something and being successful at it requires drive, passion, and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, these attributes sometimes results in holding others to a very high and often unrealistic standard. There are very few people that are wired like you, therefore you can’t beat yourself up as a result of the weaknesses in others or yourself .Its OK not to be the smartest in the room. This gives you lots of room to learn more and improve yourself.

I hope this article spoke to you and you learnt a tip or two.
See you on the next one.
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  1. Gorgeous! You look lovely dear!

    1. Thank you dear,its always nice to read your comments.

  2. I completly agree in what you have just said. Being positive with ourselves is much more pleasuring. :)

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